Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And away they go . . .

From: "Profitable Racing"
To: "xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Amazing Racing System
Date: 22/04/09 00:46


I am offering the following money making opportunity:
I have something that might interest you. I am currently making money on UK Horse Racing. I have a system in which I make a small profit daily backing horses for PLACES. It boasts a huge ROI and success rate. I do not make huge money but around 1% to 5% of my capital on playing days.

I have been doing well and will allow you to come on board as follows:
- You open your own online betting account
- You fund it
- I will require your login details to place bets for you
- You risk 10% of your capital at any time
- You control your account and funds at all time
- 50% of any daily profit we make, must be paid to me daily at day end. You can transfer to me.
- You can withdraw from your betting account at any time and you control this entirely
- I will allow starting from R1000 and in multiples of this as well.

There are no upfront fees or monthly costs and it is safe. There is no guarantee but what I suggest is once you have doubled your money, withdraw your original capital and play with the profit only.

What this means:
- You do not risk your money handing over or paying huge monthly fees
- You do not need to study selections and place taking time
- You grow your bank however you wish
- Your money is safe as nobody can withdraw from the betting account, only the owner.
- You track your winnings daily.

What do I get out of your money if I have a winning system and making my own money?
What kind of question is this? Who would say NO to more money?

Is my money safe?
Yes, I have been using the system for over a year now making money with this winning system

How much to start off with?
Your choice, I would suggest R1000 or multiples thereof.

How much can I make?
You can double your bank every month. How you wish to withdraw is up to you.

If you are interested, mail me asap and I will advise details to open your account and proceed.

Awaiting your response
SA Racing System

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