Monday, February 21, 2011

Crop Circles ???

I was referred to contact you and I am Alien Wheat (Director of foreign payment offshore co-coordinator (London ) as we were advice to contact you regarding winning payment issued/allocated in your favor.
This email serves to inform the above beneficiary to kindly complete and return bank the attached application form for us to process your overdue inheritance fund.

Finally, kindly find attached application form which you are advice to complete and return by fax or by email without any delay and send us copy of your identity (international passport or drivers license) to process your inheritance payment accordingly.
Please note if you are the rightful person do kindly get back to on receipt of this email urgently and do kindly confirm your winning amount so that we will be certain that we are dealing with the rightful beneficiary.
Sincerely yours,
Alien Wheat
Foreign payment offshore co-coordinator ( London )

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mandela R5 Coin

There is a rumour that the Mandela R5 coin (pictured on the right) is worth something, I have two of them. Maybe I should start a scam of some sort...
Or somebody could try to scam me out of them

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keep on waiting...

From: Ken Gabriel []
Sent: 18 May 2010 17:10
Subject: I am waiting.

Good day!
I am Mr. Ken Gabriel; i got your contact email address from South African web
page. I am a logistic Manager of a contracting firm in London. Please I
urgently need your little assistance as a South African resident; because my
company is running short of a material we use in servicing oil pipelines. We
formerly buy the material from Iraq but since the war started Iraq is
no longer
conducive for any foreign businesses. Through the catalogue and recommendation
from our supplier in Iraq he directed us to an agent/supplier in your country
South Africa. I have spoken with the agent but he gave us a very high price
which i later found out that he sells at a lower price to local buyers in
Africa. However, we buy the material at $2000 per (kg) but he gave me
at $2,500
per kg when i called, and I believe it was because I called from overseas.
Presently, our company is desperately in need of this material and we intend
coming over to your country to purchase it in larger quantity if you
could help
us to get the price to less than $2000. Pls let me know if you could assist me
to call this agent with your influence as an African buyer to know if he would
cut down the price of the material. The name of the material is ZINCOLINE. I
have a short time to submit a report in my office regarding my business
negotiation with the agent, Please assist me to locally confirm if the local
price and quantity in stock. Do not let him know you are making the call on
behalf of an international buyer. We are willing to pay you 5% commission of
our total purchase as a middleman. We expected to buy 2000-3000(kg) of the
material twice in every month. Kindly let me know if you could help to enable
me forward you the details of the agent in South Africa.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards,
Mr. Gabriel
Phone: +44 7031930916

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Evelyn Dreamer

Johannesburg, South Africa.

(Investment Proposal)

Dear Sir/Madam
I am Mrs. Evelyn Dirma, wife of late Engineer Abraham Michael Dirma, of Bulawayo-Zimbabwe. I am now residing in South Africa as Asylum seeker (Refugee). In April 2007; my late husband’s was among the few blacks that were opposed to the arbitrary rule of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. At mist of this crisis, he lost his life with his foreign partner, Mr. H.F. Panos.

I have contacted you to assist in transferring most especially, the money left behind by my husband and his foreign partner which was deposited in a trunk box as a family treasure before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Security and finance company here in South Africa.

Particularly, the security Company where this account valued at about USD$18,000,000 (Eighteen million United States Dollars) has issued me a notice to come and claim the consignment, or have it confiscated.

I seek your consent to present you as my late husband’s foreign business partner next of kin since you are a foreigner from outside South Africa and also because of my present status (Refugee) we are restricted from applying for a job or doing business here in South Africa. The proceeds of this account valued at USD$18, 000,000 million Dollars can be paid to you, and then we can share the amount on a mutual agreed percentage. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us transfer this money into your account. Please do send to me your direct number and full personal details for easier communication and onwrd transfer of this fund to your account.

May God bless you.

I wait for your quick response.


Mrs. Evelyn Dirma

Saturday, March 6, 2010

U. S. Lottery

We are pleased to announce you as one of the 3 lucky winners in the Electronic U.S.
Lottery draw held on the 5th of March, 2010. All 3 winning addresses were randomly
selected from a batch of 5,000,000 international emails. Your email address emerged
alongside 2 others as a 3rd category winner in this draw.
Thus, you have therefore been approved for a total payout of US$500,000.00 (Five
Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars Only). The following particulars are attached to your
lotto payment order:
(i) Winning numbers: 41, 2, 10, 8, 17, 39
(ii) Serial number: EX05-03-10
(iii) Lotto batch number: EUB30252
(iv) Reference number: EUSL-7352
Please contact the under listed claims officer as soon as possible for the immediate
release of your winnings:
Dr. Jimmy Huse (Claims Administrator)
G. C. Finance - United Kingdom Office
Tel: +44 7031743840
Fax: +44 7005942115
This is to give you a brief explanation of how you emerged a winner in the Electronic
U.S Lottery. The third category draws of Electronic U.S Lottery is a promotional draw,
whereby participants do not have to buy tickets to formally enter into the draws, about
5,000,000 international and local emails were selected randomly by a computer ballot
system and entered into the draws, you consequently emerged as one of the 3 winners
in this category. This entitles you to a cash prize of US$500,000.00
Once more, on behalf of all our staffs; Congratulations!
Amy Sperling (Mrs)
Public Information/Promotions Manager
Tel: +1-206-339-6213

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another investment partnership offer

Address: 60 Bays water Road
London W2 3PS, United Kingdom
TEL: +44-7872248220

Good Day,

This confidential request should not come as a surprise to you. I am COL.JOE MARTINS, a Liberian National, and currently residing under refugee status in London UK. I was the Chief Security officer to the exiled President Charles Taylor of Liberia. With regards to your trustworthiness and reliability, I decided to seek for your assistance in transferring some money out of UK into you country, for investment.

I will reveal to you, based on the fact that I could rely on you, the height of the crisis that led to my present status as a refugee, I was personally mandated and instructed by The Presidential Committee to create and fully equip a special elite force, to protect the regime against the rebels then, working against the Government. This instruction was very discreet and highly confidential and was backed up with the sum of US$9,500,000.00 (Nine Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in cash, for purchase of Arms and Ammunition from an independent arms dealer in UNITED KINGDOM.

I brought this fund to UK, where I was supposed to negotiate and purchase the Arms and Ammunition. The negotiation was still in progress when the news came to me that our President has arrested. I then quickly moved the money to a security company with Barclay's bank plc London and I registered as investment fund belonging to my foreign partner from overseas.

This money is presently deposited in a security company in London since then nobody knows my where about which I am therefore seeking this opportunity for your assistance in providing an overseas account where the money can be transfer into, then we can invest it as joint partner, know full well of the investment opportunity because of the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP but apart from investment I will also give you 25% of the whole amount of money before we go into investment.

I have made all the necessary arrangement on my own side to ensure smooth remittance. However, due to my refugee status I cannot invest here in London. Hence my desire to transfer and invest in your country. With this development I will be pleased to welcome you as my partner in South Africa, U.S.A, EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ASIA and INDIA for investment.

I will provide details to you immediately, as soon as I receive the acknowledgment of this mail from you with all your CONTACT DETAILS, indicating your interest to assist me. You can contact me on the above private and secure telephone number or email above

Best Regards,

Monday, December 28, 2009

Crude oil; very crude

RE: Crude Oil Sales Partnership.

This letter is based on negotiating a partnership in a crude oil sales project with the National Petroleum Agency, (ANP-STP). This project will involve registering your name with the foreign contractor’s unit of the National Petroleum Agency; re-assign an already existing crude oil lifting/sales license to your name and act as representatives of
the National Petroleum Agency in selling of crude oil to the end buyers.

This lifting license which I propose that we re-assign to your name (my partner) was formerly allocated to one Mr. David Russell by the ANP-STP in 2005 with 5 years validity. The license is for the sale of 60 Million Barrels of Sao Tome Light Crude Oil [SLCO] for a total period of 5 years. This allows the license owner to lift and sale a
maximum of 1 Million barrels of SLCO per transaction/shipment.

A sale of 1 barrel of SLCO attracts a US$2.00 commissions from the National Petroleum Agency and another US$1.00 discount as commission from the end buyers of the SLCO. For a sale of 1 barrel of SLCO, the license owner earns a total commission of U$3.00. Let's say the prize of the SLCO is $44.00 per barrel. A lifting license holder will
receive the product from the ANP-STP at $42.00 per barrel and sell to the end buyers on the normal market prize of $44.00 per barrel thereby making a commission of $2.00 on each barrel of crude sold. Also being able to locate the final buyers entitles your company to a US$1.00 discount from the discount given to the end buyer as "mandates".

A total sale of the 1 million barrels of the crude oil per month at a US$2.00 discount from local petroleum agency sums up to US$2 million commission per month. And another US$1.00 discount from the end buyer comes to US$1 million per month thereby making a total commission of US$3 million monthly.

My obligation in this venture is to arrange for the lifting and sale of the crude oil that will be allocated to you (my partner) after the successful re-assignment of Mr. David Russell’s lifting license to your name (my partner). I have numerous buyers for this crude oil and also have the connections needed to sale the crude oil. I will also use my connections in the National Petroleum Agency to make sure that our commissions from the sale are deposited into your bank account immediately after the sale is completed. Both the cost to re-assign this lifting license to your name (my partner) and the commissions from the sales will be shared equally between us as equity partners.

I await your immediate response. Please reply through this e-mail address:


Mr. Ernest Stephen.
(proposed partner).