Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keep on waiting...

From: Ken Gabriel [mailto:kengabriel@uk2.net]
Sent: 18 May 2010 17:10
To: kengabriel@freenet.lu
Subject: I am waiting.

Good day!
I am Mr. Ken Gabriel; i got your contact email address from South African web
page. I am a logistic Manager of a contracting firm in London. Please I
urgently need your little assistance as a South African resident; because my
company is running short of a material we use in servicing oil pipelines. We
formerly buy the material from Iraq but since the war started Iraq is
no longer
conducive for any foreign businesses. Through the catalogue and recommendation
from our supplier in Iraq he directed us to an agent/supplier in your country
South Africa. I have spoken with the agent but he gave us a very high price
which i later found out that he sells at a lower price to local buyers in
Africa. However, we buy the material at $2000 per (kg) but he gave me
at $2,500
per kg when i called, and I believe it was because I called from overseas.
Presently, our company is desperately in need of this material and we intend
coming over to your country to purchase it in larger quantity if you
could help
us to get the price to less than $2000. Pls let me know if you could assist me
to call this agent with your influence as an African buyer to know if he would
cut down the price of the material. The name of the material is ZINCOLINE. I
have a short time to submit a report in my office regarding my business
negotiation with the agent, Please assist me to locally confirm if the local
price and quantity in stock. Do not let him know you are making the call on
behalf of an international buyer. We are willing to pay you 5% commission of
our total purchase as a middleman. We expected to buy 2000-3000(kg) of the
material twice in every month. Kindly let me know if you could help to enable
me forward you the details of the agent in South Africa.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards,
Mr. Gabriel
Phone: +44 7031930916